Vicky was a lazy boy

He never did his homework on time

He never kept his things back in the right place

He pleaded to his father to buy him a robot to do his work

Vicky’s father wanted him to become an active boy

So, he bought him a trick robot

He was glad to have a robot to do all his work

Vicky’s father : Vicky, I have bought you a robot.

This intelligent robot will do all your work. Enjoy!

Vicky is excited to test his new robot.

Vicky : I am hungry. Cook some salad for me.

Vicky : What? You are a robot. You cannot refuse me. Clean my room now! Really? I cannot believe this! At least, charge my phone.

Robot: Why don’t you do that yourself?

Vicky : I must make some calls. Aah! I have a headache now.

Get me a cup of hot tea.

Robot : My battery is draining by listening to you. First, you charge my battery.

Vicky : I am tired of you! Play me a pleasant song. I want to relax. That’s a great idea!

Robot : Why don’t you play me one?

Vicky : Oh no! Dad! Please sell this robot. It is totally useless.

Robot : Yes. This time please sell me to an active master.I don’t want to work for lazy people.

Vicky : Really? Is that why you did not help me? No more robots for me ! I will do all the work myself.

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